I disagree with Dr.Murph... if Latin women were the hottest then there wouldn't be so many Latin men who hit on White girls & Asian girls, now would there?
Dr.Murph is a good example of a sick fetish having freak, who needs to realize there are beautiful women in every race... or maybe it's that other races don't give him the time of day.
by willis April 13, 2005
Some of the most obnoxious women I have ever seen. The kind of people that tell us not to be racist, yet they categorize themselves by doing things such as posting retarded definitions on this site like,
"LaTiNaS R lYkE dA sExCcIeSTtt wOMeNs AlivE n DeY Rr bEttA tHn dA othA whiTe GurLS"
These assholes are probably the ones that came up with typing like retards because they think its cute.
Also some Latinas think they can get away with being fat and wearing skimpy tight clothing. COVER UP. Also, the not-so-obese Latinas, PLEASE COVER UP ALSO. You're disgusting and nobody likes the flab of fat hanging out of your clothing. You only get men because they know you're willing for sex.
Brigid: Hey Rachel, that shirt makes you look fat.
Rachel: Really? I th-
Lucia: HEY BITCH! You callin me fat? Well you messin with da wrong latina. Ima get Latisha, Latifa, and oscar on your sorry ass.
by Autumunge July 07, 2006
To the one who said, "Latina is someone who is Italian, Spanish, Portugese or Argentinian. In other words not hispanic, but European-white... most people confuse the two."

You are probably an argentine with the idiosincratic argentine complex: Get over it! Argentines are NOT Caucassian. They are HISPANIC like every other latino on this earth.

And yeah, latinas DO have the shzzaaam . . .
A gorgeous Latina asked me out and I declined for very stupid reasons. Please rip my balls off.
by repentant August 15, 2005

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