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#1 Adj: describing something that was cool, but isn't cool anymore; Old fads that died out; Lame in general.
Commonly used in the term "Totally fucking later'd" (TFL).

# 2 Adj: describing something that is dying, being worn out, burnt out or otherwise fried.
# 1: "Pwn? That's totally fucking later'd."
"School is TFL, dudeseph."

# 2: "I laughed so hard, my appendix is later'd"
"My brain was later'd after I watched that trippy movie."
by SpaceSkamandor January 17, 2008
a derogatory word meaning almost any negative adjective, such as old, stupid, terrible, etc.
This party is so later'd, lets leave.

You are so later'd
by cat chan March 27, 2004