Top Definition
a sexy woman...
omg she's a lari!
by Anonymous May 06, 2003
This is a name of a guy who is normally Finnish. He is incredibly glorious but sees himself as just an ordinary boy. Everyone, especially all the girls would love to be around him, but he sees through pretense and gives his time for only the precious ones. He is very clever and polite, and would never hurt anyone. They get totally hilarious when they're joking. Their loved ones mean the world to them, and they do everything to make their family happy and safe. When they start something, they always accomplish it properly. His smile takes your breath away, and his muscular figure makes you want to fall in his strong arms.
"Who's that guy lifting those weights?"
"Oh that's Lari. You wouldn't survive a single workout in his tempo..."
by Neeasesi July 27, 2015
to twirl your hair incessantly while being high
I'm so lari right now, my hair's all messed up!
by Terri and Lyn May 12, 2005

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