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1. A fat person who refuses to go on a diet and thinks they're cool (when they really aren't).
2. A fat person who believes they have super powers or special abilities (like ninjas) and act like it by leaping around in tight spandex clothing. Note: People can become permanently or temporarily blinded when this action occurs, but it really depends on how much exposure they are subjected to.
Lardass Ninja: I have supah powah! I will defeat you with my Poke of Doom!
Hank: Gosh you lardass ninja, you look like an extremely obese one-legged cat trying to bury a turd on a frozen pond! Stop it, I'm gonna throw up if you keep doing that! AHHH! MY EYES! THEY'RE BLEEDING!! *spurt*
by Alex June 18, 2006
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