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Lara was a Naiad or nymph, daughter of the river Almon in Roman mythology. She was famous for both beauty and loquaciousness — a trait her parentsclarify attempted to curb. She was incapable of keeping secrets, and so revealed to Jupiter's wife Juno his affair with Juturna (Larunda's fellow nymph, and the wife of Janus). For betraying his trust, Jupiter cut out Lara's tongue and ordered Mercury, the psychopomp, to conduct her to Avernus, the gateway to the Underworld and realm of Pluto. Mercury, however, fell in love with Larunda and made love to her on the way. Lara thereby became mother to two children, referred to as the Lares, invisible household gods. But she had to stay in a hidden cottage in the woods so that Jupiter would not find her.
Lara daughter of the river
by Laranda May 25, 2007
The most amazing girlfriend, a guy couldn't ask for more
Lara is perfect
by Miguel March 02, 2004
Lara is one of the most BEAUTIFUL girls you will ever meet! She is friendly, classy, gentle, elegant, silly, smart, funny, artistic and has great taste in music. She is a girl who is awesome in every way, can be shy one minute and crazy the next, but is always a fun person to be around. She likes to make lists and keep everything in order. She loves to be creative and takes too many photos on her camera. She loves to be around people and animals. You will never regret ever meeting a Lara. She likes to keep everything in order, and makes sure everything is in its place, except not really :). She loves to make up words. Best Traits: incredible kisser, can always cheer people and friends up, knows the right moment when a friend is in need.
You can't live life without a Lara there to cheer you up.
by little asian bird February 02, 2010
1. The sexiest girlfriend in the world. Full of spontaneity and charm.
2. One look in her eyes, and it's over. Pho-get-about-it.
3. Proclaimed as "Pho Queen" of 2009.
4. Hot, nerdy scientist.
"I walked in the room, and knew it was Lara."
"With a booty like that, you know it must be Lara."
"It smells like so much Pho in here, I assume Lara is in the office."
"Did you see Lara in her lab coat today?! OMG!!"
by SenorLebowski February 03, 2010
a really hot cool girl with an awseome body and a best friend with the same name
damn, the laras r sexy
by TheL'sRSexy February 26, 2005
coOl...yeah yeah
Lara's cool!
by mWAhAhAhAhAAA May 31, 2003
a sexy girl that gets any sex guy she wants
i so wanna fuck lara
by LaRa . July 07, 2006