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Someone too poor to afford a laptop. They have to settle for an old desktop and cant go anywhere or be mobile so they get agressive towards laptop users. They dont have the money to afford a good laptop or any laptop for that matter so they hate on them because they cant afford it and are stuck immobile at a desktop. Desktops are for poor people.
Oh awesome, Tony just bought a new laptop. Too bad you're laptopless. You're Poor.

I have 3 laptops and 3 desktops. You can't afford either. You're Poor.
by Cromius September 07, 2007
A concious decision to leave your laptop at home.
To free yourself from the laptop addiction.
Jules left for Cannes laptopless.
by Rouli May 16, 2011
With down-sizing and everyone doing double-duty, most people can't afford to go without their computers for even an hour in an office setting. Even in meetings where people are supposed to focus on the task at hand, they are doing other work on their laptops while the meeting is going on. This usually means less attention and focus in the meeting. Going into a meeting without your laptop is going "laptopless"
Kevin's new year's resolution is to go laptopless to meetings so that he can focus on what the boss is saying.
by reddogs777 January 08, 2010

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