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A term origination in Brisbane, Australia, 'laptop plop' describes the action of going to the toilet while using a laptop. In many countries acknowledgment of the action has been ignored or outlawed, however in Germany it has become a popular term used among university students. It has characterized an entire generation of students who although enjoy the privacy of a toilet visit, don't allow the 'down time' (excuse the pun) of falling behind in their studies. In Germany it is know as a 'computer defäkieren sie' or more commonly 'laptopscheiße'.
english; "oh boy, I don't want to fall behind on this assignment, but I need to do a poo. I think I'll just do a laptop plop then I can keep working on my assignment in the provacy of the toilet".

german; "Eine Laptopscheiße ist der beste Weg, Zeit als ein Universitätsstudent zu sparen".
by felvert March 02, 2011
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