an old, usually loose vagina, commonly found flapping between the legs of women 50+ years of age. They are usually not desired for sexual intercourse and easily contract sexually transmitted diseases such a Hepatitis and genital warts.
I normally wouldn't have sex with women who have a lappe, but last night I was too drunk to care.

I Shouldn't have banged that Lappe, now my penis is swollen and itchy. It also burns to pee.
by Dr. Shiv Ananya September 08, 2010
Top Definition
A cold-blooded creature found primarily in service related departments.

It has been known to attack on sight and customers should proceed with extreme caution. It has an extreme temper due to it being suppressed by it's spouse when of duty.
Furthermore it likes cookies and will kill you to get at them.
Look it's lappe. Run if you want to keep your data safe.
by Cricketmanne January 28, 2011

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