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A cord designed to hold something around the neck, usually with a clip at the end on which to fasten the object. Used for easy exposure and/or quick access to an ID badge, keys, etc.
"We could tell who the roadies were at the rock concert, because they each wore an 'all-access backstage pass' on a lanyard."
"Oh, so THAT'S what those things are called."
by Bill M. July 29, 2004
A group of Freshmen, usually at a College or University, named for the lanyards Freshmen often wear around their necks with their ID and keys.
Last Friday we just sat drinking on our porch watching all the lanyards of wandering and lost freshmen pass by.
by ANorell September 27, 2010
male sex organ (see also fanyard)
The spaniard put his lanyard in her fanyard.
by Anonymous October 01, 2003
A derogatory term used to describe a midget or little person.
Bob: "Ausin Powers is one of my favorite movies."
Tom: "Me too. I love that little lanyard in it."
by iLikeTurtles86 August 27, 2009
the coolest sounding word in the english language.
my favourite words are spinchter, vulva and lanyard.
by geraldine merapoopoopoo January 25, 2008
adj; something that is completely unbearable. The opposite of standard.
Going to work on Mondays is lanyard.
by standard June 23, 2004
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