Lenoxx which is pronounced Lannox is pure RICH. A brand that offers the chance to steal peoples money in some form! Lenoxx sell dvd, tv apliances made of melted bottles/plastic, no metal or any thought of what they were makeing.
Lannox started out in china around 2000 a.d. 5 ugly mongs with crayon cave drawings, the ability to tame fire with matches and lots of empty coke bottles, they draw pictures on their faces too, drink coke through their nose. Also melt the bottles sniff the fumes. Thats how they mesmorised their newest endevour. Lennox, a spiritual ritual formed in the hills of china in early 2000. They all died a few days later, but their memory runs on in three very usfull apliances. First off the alarm clock radio, some say it holds a demon, made from melted coke bottles crayons and hair only has am radio, the alarm dosnt work! oh well they tried. Second off the Lenoxx T.v imitation Rowa/Teac has no features except lenoxx .0000000000000001 dubly richital suround sound. Third and final, the dvd player, it plays all the newest stuff, non of which we can name cus its not invented by lenoxx yet, cd's dont fit in it but it plays 8 track... somtimes. And so became lenoxx! A rip of brand of another rip off.
by Geoff Richardson December 11, 2003
Top Definition
good quality products
the dvd players that dont brake and all
by Geoff Richardson February 09, 2004
i have a lannox dvd player it used to play mp3's believe it or not. within the first week it stopped playing them, a month after that it stopped playing dvds.
I went back to k-mart were they sell them. they wouldnt accept a refund because they are that shit.!!!! omg i hate lannox!
by ph33ku5 October 20, 2003
The new drug on the street or living room, depends on how rich the person is, like if they bought it from a shop for money or did the rich and stole it.
When you look at the tv screen and hear the richness it will fuck you up like a drug, but in most cases its permanent! Remember everyones addicted. Once Lannox hits your head, theres no more need to be dead!
by Nick (classic) Jones February 09, 2004
quality quality quality choice

just remember, jyes the guy that goes for quanity not quality!
roons dvd player, jyes rich hair cut
by Matt Cowley February 09, 2004
Lannox make technical appliances that workm rather quite good! Being a rip off brand off Rowa which is also a good brand which is a rip off Teac!
When Glen bought a Rowa imitation flat screen digital tv (or so he reckoned) it came with a free lannox dvd player that broke within 2 weeks!
by Glen November 03, 2003
travis and glens favorite brand.
also see camira and mitsubishi koltpossibly even rolly hes pretty rich!
"chek out my new t.v its an LG" -travis
"no its not travis it says lannox" - glen
"oh well there still a good brand!" trav
by Nick (Classic) Jones October 16, 2003
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