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Similar to the term 'cranking', this verb represents the simultaneous combination the of laughing and masturbation. Not a common pairing, and those conducting the act would appear to be slightly insane.
Girl (to boyfriend): What the hell are you doing?

Boy: I'm lanking. It's so wrong it is right. Please don't leave me.
by glastofan November 10, 2011
‎"LAN KING" - The King of a LAN (Local Area Network) Party; This user is defined as the King due to mad skills (omfgwtfthiskidisSICK) on every game possibly playable via a LAN connection.

This type of person is renowned for attending many LAN's using such wickedsick equipment such as a Toshiba Satellite A600 Ultra Laptop.

A breif summary of this entry into the Urban Dictionary has concluded that the "LAN KING" is not a member of the gaming community to be messed with.
Dude 1 - "hey did you hear that the LAN King was in town?"

Dude 2 - "Yeh i heard he's got wicked-sick-ultra-rad skills!"

Dude 1 - "No way?!"

Dude 2 - "And he games on a laptop!"

Dude 1 - "I'd Challenge Him"

Dude 2 - "Dude... No1 challenges the LAN-King"
by John (are ya gonna bang) Doe January 26, 2011
Travis Lucas Rigel Hornung
The Lan King rocks!!11
by jrobot July 09, 2004
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