Local Area Network. Damn 20 letter rule!!
Yo lets go to a LAN party
by 1337 |-|4x0|2 November 18, 2006
Lame Ass Nigga
Girl, that dude is a LAN! He got me Popeyes for our anniversary. Ugh.
by Tizzyxoxo February 13, 2014
1. Short for Lansing

2. The walking definition of sex; usually straight, although somtimes questionable. Painful to look at because aura of beauty may damage the retina.

3. Friendliest and caring individua you will come into contact with, typically will have less hair because a Lans always shares with others. (Even hair)

4. A Lans will always automatically be black belt status in playing the nose flute.
I am about to Lans you so hard you will want me to Lans the flute for you.
by defenitive definer February 13, 2012
Party with the exclusive purpose of playing the best of the state of the art PC games.

Note: Not a LAN without beer, bitches or Bawls (high-caffeine beverage)
Let's LAN!

Whatcha doing?
Nothing chillin at the LAN downtown
Who you with?
Me and ma peeps wont you bring fo of you friends
by DOS Junkie April 21, 2004
1)could be a asian guy
2)an asian vietnamese girl/gurl/woman/female whatever the hell you want to call it
3)means "orchid" for you so called smarties

some guy :oh, LAN, wooohoooo local area network, yipeeee!

ms.nobody- shut the hell up fool you stink
by Unsweetened LoVerr January 18, 2008
L.A.N. was first said at the VanDyke Public Schools in Warren Michigan circa 2001. At that time the phrase LOL has allready been used so much it was now boring, so a then highschool student Chance (who ended up going to iraq in 2004 and not making it back ,who was the class clown , and also the 5 year 1st place champ from all of the talent shows for his comedy act) decided lets have people laugh at me! Then L.A.N. was born. Laughing At NiggaChance. Now in the city of Warren Michigan , there is a memorial that says L.A.N. always remembered. So help us to remember Chance, help us to remember laughing.
Hey man your outfit makes me L.A.N.
by Mark Bullenburg December 19, 2006
LAN means Lame Ass Niggas.

Plural: LANS
Drake:Damn girl this shit lame?asl!
Nicki:Ik. Didn't realize there's a whole bunch of LANS.
by KB2cute May 26, 2014

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