A group of people , mainly males , who get together via a group of networked computers. To play Mutlti-player games , and to view porn
Lets goto a LAN on the weekend and kick arse in BF1942
by charliebrown_au July 03, 2003
Adj./ Acronym

1. Lonely Ass Nigga: A LAN is someone (usually black guy) who is lonely, has a shitty ass love life, and will probably be a virgin forever. He has had zero to no relationships and will continue to be alone until he dies. LAN's can be very clingy to their family and friends because they have nobody else who will love them; Easy targets to make fun of.

2. A man who gets no type of pussy

3.) Virgin for life
Ay you know that dude Larry? Yeah he's a LAN, the last pussy he's ever seen was when he came out his mom. Poor guy
by AllSaintz April 12, 2015
Local Area Network. Damn 20 letter rule!!
Yo lets go to a LAN party
by 1337 |-|4x0|2 November 18, 2006
Lame Ass Nigga
Girl, that dude is a LAN! He got me Popeyes for our anniversary. Ugh.
by Tizzyxoxo February 13, 2014
to Lan: to spend an exorbitant of money against the advice of loved ones.

-to stack boxes excessively high.

- an alternative to the name "Ian" when misheard by basics.
Omg I just Lanned so hard at Aritiza.

I pulled a Lan with those boxes.

The new guy is named Lan.
by lushb12 December 05, 2015
1. Short for Lansing

2. The walking definition of sex; usually straight, although somtimes questionable. Painful to look at because aura of beauty may damage the retina.

3. Friendliest and caring individua you will come into contact with, typically will have less hair because a Lans always shares with others. (Even hair)

4. A Lans will always automatically be black belt status in playing the nose flute.
I am about to Lans you so hard you will want me to Lans the flute for you.
by defenitive definer February 13, 2012
Also known as LAN syndrome -Loud Ass Nigga Syndrome- when someone, usually but not limited too a black person, feels obligated to yell everything they say, this usually includes extremely loud laughter. People with LANS are super annoying and don't know how to shut up.

More commonly occurring in women
Person B: god shut up! You're so annoying!
Person C: it's ok man she's got LANS
by Lord Stalox February 25, 2015
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