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any software that is rlly lame and annoying bcoz of its common bundled programs that after a while fuk ur compt0rz
some examples of lameware
Megaupload toolbar
zango toolbar
messenger plus!
l33th4x0rn00b123:omg dude i downloaded ares,zango and its toolbar and megaupload those shiptorz are prtty co0li0!
proplayer:seems u didnt learned about kazaa huh?
l33th4x0rn00b123: ??? wha wha???
proplayer:all that "shiptorz" u say are lameware
l33th4x0rn00b123: wtf is t4th?
proplayer:nvm it just gives u virus
l33th4x0rn00b123:omg uninstalling
by Eagle_FTW March 30, 2008
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