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A description of performing an act of lameness or being lame, but in an amusing or sophisticated manner.

1. To be lamesauce, while having a sophisticated charm
2. Turning a lame situation into an enjoyable event
To be out of ones league, and use a corny joke or trick that gets a laugh or impresses. Ex. Dude, I can't believe he just pulled that off, he must be lamesuave

Defines someone who turns a bad/lame situation around.

Synonyms: To be lame in the following fashion:
affable, effortless, glib, gracious, pleasant, pleasing, polished, refined, smooth, sociable, sophisticated, tactful

Antonyms: To be lame in the following fashion:
awkward, clumsy, unlucky, unpolished,unsophisticated
by GFB2 February 01, 2009
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