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Something that is so mainstream that pretty much everyone likes it and it becomes lame for that reason.
1. Dude, did you listen to Green Day? That's so lamestream.
2. I didn't want to be lamestream so I started listening to screamo.
by dave "pelirrojo" rogus November 18, 2007
59 17
A term hipsters use to define something that tries to be hipster and fails by still being mainstream.
Hipster One: Did you see that girl wearing fake glasses?
Hipster Two: Yeah, she's being lamestream.
by IceOfWaterflock May 29, 2013
1 1
Adj - A creative work that achieves mainstream popularity by trying to appeal to everyone, thus sacrificing the originality that made older fans first fall in love with said work.

See also: Sell Out
Carlos Santana became lamestream when he collaborated with bland pop artists on the album "Shaman".
by Normal1515 September 07, 2009
6 17
Things that people participate in or go to because they think it will make them look hip.
Rob: Are you going to Lollapalooza on Friday?

Burt: Dude, Lollapalooza is SO Lamestream!
by Burt Maass March 21, 2008
10 24