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someone who is increbibly lame
Person 1: Hey what you doin tonight?
Person2: nothing with you, lameface!
by ghjiseo February 17, 2008
One who possesses every single characteristic of a lame...including physical features
Jenn: Hey do you know that guy Ranell?

Starquasha: Girl, yea!

Jenn: He's such a lame-face *eye roll*

Starquasha: You ain't lyin
by Jen the Hen February 09, 2010
Someone who is a total ass to you when they dont even know who you are really,As on a forum or site.
BD:whats your favorite game?
Crooked: my fav game is WOW
BD: Maxx your such a lame face
Maxx:IDGAF about you
BD:then leave me alone you dont know me
by Brokendreams3390 July 24, 2006
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