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the carefree, positive, life-loving way to say 'lame'.

it sucks but it's not that bad.
person a: "i went to the fair today but didn't get cotton candy because the line was too long..."
person b:"lame cakes"
by Torey H March 29, 2008
33 5
to describe a situation or object
"this job is lame cake"
by choker January 22, 2009
14 4
some thing that is incredibly weak and lame. Much like the word "weaksauce"
- don't be a lamecake, just drink it.
- officers, don't be a lamecake, just take the bribe.
by Sexy Vo December 07, 2006
9 0
incredibly weak or lame and of course stupid.

usually used by potheads to describe a situation or a thing.
this weed is lamecake man.

man... my car died. lamekcake to the max.
by Sexy Vo December 10, 2006
5 4
Something thats beyond just lame.
The essex divs are complete lamecakes!
by TheHotFuzz December 08, 2009
0 0