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the perfect balance of being lame and amazing.

the perfect person.

far superior to anyone named Jake, Steve, Tayler or Jeremy. Especially Steve.
Anna and Beth are lamAzing.
by cat woman and doggy girl. July 14, 2010
From lamaze. Breathing using the Lamaze technique to reduce pain or when in a crisis.
When I saw him with that girl I was lamazing so bad my girlfriend though I was having a nervous breakdown.
by Priscila April 17, 2007
Used in sarcasm to describe something that is so utterly lame, in a design context, in response to absurd client ideas. Can be used in any design field such as interior, fashion, industrial, graphic design etc. The unsuspecting recipient may confuse it as a compliment.
Client: What would you think if we covered every surface of the home in felted zebra print?

Designer: That would be LAMAZING... (but horrible at the same time)
by stressed designer March 25, 2014
Describes Luis Serrato in being more amazing than Ashley Richter.
guy1: Dude Luis is so Lamazing at egyptian rat screw!
Ashley: I know I wish i was lamazing!
by luistherockstar June 08, 2010
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