1. interj., Used to express mild amusement; see lol

2. prop. n., Mythological Theban king; father of Oedipus
1. King Laios was killed by his son, who then proceeded to do his own mother and kill himself upon discovering her identity, laios.

2. Laios, using both definitions of "laios" in one sentence is pretty difficult.

by Randal Ott January 24, 2008
Top Definition
malaysian word for "bro". Mostly used in popular asian games.
Host: Ready to start laio?
Player: Sure man go go go !
by Mr_LeE March 04, 2006
a small science teacher of mostly asian decent, very americanized. used mainly for the purpose of education young people in useless fields.
mister laio has no penis
by j hizzle November 26, 2003
A small person who has little to no penis. Also enjoys the compay of men and other astranged animals. Also enjoys the company of pants in his bed while sleeping
Laio has sex with trees all night long
by bobadole December 01, 2003
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