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Brilliance beyone all other made up words. The fact that it can be used for virtually anything is clever. One may substitute it for anything. This isn't a definition, more of an essay of the word. It is nice and smooth, and it makes me feel fuzzy.
Lahrd! Glahrious lahrd!
by smegma January 08, 2004
An invented word that can mean anything injected into the vastly growing dictionary of Neowin jargon.
Hey lahrdass, get your lahrdin ass over here b4 i larhdin lahrd your lahrdy mum on my lahrd pole!
by bloozie January 05, 2004
It can be whatever you want it to be, that's the beauty of LAHRD!
Lahrd me! I went and lahrded the whole process, and in turn, found lahrd in my pocket.
by LAHRD!!! January 01, 2004
Lahrd is whatever you want it to be. Take it from the creator of Lahrd himself.

You don't like it? So what. Let it go, and move on!
Had enough?
by Doug Kinzinger January 08, 2004
I'm a twat, please hurt me.
Person 1 : Lahrd
Person 2 : You twat
Person 1 : Ouch
by |4hrd 7w47 December 31, 2003

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