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A laggot is a person who enters a server, and causes the server to lag.

It is a combination of the words lag and faggot.
Pwner is a laggot!!!
Damn laggots.
Shattered Galaxy is full of laggots!
by Anthony Suarez September 28, 2005
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Combination of faggot and lagger.
1. Someone who lags so hardcore on an online game that they are difficult to kill.
2. Someone who lags efficiently and of their own choosing, to avoid being killed.

To my knowledge, this term originated in the online game Subspace. Its usage has probably spread to many other games.
l33tz0rz> Omfg, he's bouncing likea bunny in the mating season.
Jiggawha> Yeah, that guy is such a laggot.
by Chile Verde May 20, 2005
n. insult or title of a person on a online game such as Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 or Halo 3 who creates much lag, purposely or unintentionally, ruining the game expeirience for other players. They are often referred to as "that fag on our team who is lagging"
Dude, somebody tell that laggot to leave the game, he's making my children cry!
by bullcrapper January 03, 2010
A person who is a faggot and makes other people lag online.
I cant even hear you becuase of that fucking laggot.
by t5quared December 26, 2010
An insult that is directed to those in video games, who frequently blame their lack of skill on a "lag", or slow internet connection.

Skilled Player: Quit being a laggot.
by TheComicalCarny October 22, 2013
Lame Faggot
Dude, John is such a laggot
by Kid_Kursive October 12, 2014
A Lacrosse playing homosexual guy, a combination of the words Lacrosse and faggot
I love my Laggot boy friend Pat, and i when we have kids i want 2 little Laggots (:
by BonquishaBrown January 16, 2011

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