When you are too slow to walk with other people.
Bob: you guys are walking to fast for me... let me catch up with you
Jim: haha bob's lagging
by shcruzplezzz December 27, 2011
to cut yourself because you dont know how else to express the hatred for your life.
I caught Miriam lagging in her room the other night.
by sosmartdvidsojvsidomvammmd April 24, 2011
The act of covering a toilet seat with paper so your arse does not touch the seat. Particularly used at Airports, Train Stations and on visits to Ireland
James: What's took you so long in shit room?
Nick: ah, I need to lay a little lagging first, someone had pissed on the seat :(
by Streaker30 November 09, 2009
A state where you have feelings that havent left you, even when the situation has passed.
I broke up with my girlfriend.... but i still have feelings lagging behind me...
by Zenneth Dyack February 07, 2005

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