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A radical feminist genderqueer person; someone who espouses both androgyny and radical gender equality politics as a way of life. A person of any sex and any sexual orientation in touch with both hir masculine side and hir feminine side. Associated with punk/riot grrrl music and the Olympia band Sleater-Kinney, who wrote a song called "Ballad of a Ladyman."
"Drew's a ladyman, ze refuses to be defined as a person by hir genitals, and ze is all about questioning assumptions and rejecting binaries!"
by AJ January 12, 2004
A group of women who's sexuality is dubious. Often used with the word gentys.
"Good afternoon gentys and ladymen".
by Bromley January 03, 2005
it just means a guy who is cute and has a several girl friends at time. so he's always seen with a girl, and often different girls.
i haven't had much success with ladies, lately.
see John, he's a lady man, might give you some numbers.
by Torpedo123 June 23, 2009
Lady man, trained in the art of mud wrestling and all other sports including mud, dirt, and snow. But the only drawback to this amazing type of person is that they are slow in messaging.
Lady man are aw02938423esome.
by alex's face February 17, 2005
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