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An under baked chocolate chip cookie served frozen. Usually made with real butter and following the Tollhouse recipe on the back of a bag of Tollhouse Chocolate Chips. Not related to or anyway to be confused with pop singer Lady gaga.
After we smokified that reefer Zamfir got out a bag of lady goo goos that his Mummy made . Dude the were wondiferous!
by carshowburger July 13, 2010
Some highly f***ing irritating lady gaga wannabe who is some baby slut with literally the most annoying song of all time who will hopefully be crushed by a truck one day and then have her remains dropped in a volcano after being given to a horny hobo.
Luckily Lady GaGa took legal action on behalf of the innocent people who needed ear transplants and she is now stopped and doesn't need to be fed to a tramp anymore.
"It's Friday Friday Gotta get down on Friday"
Seriously bro you're trying to be Lady Googoo
by poopooweeweesnot November 01, 2011

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