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A late late night/early morning gathering of friends who enjoy fine wines and finer marinara pasta dishes. A true prep is held with calypso drum and percussion music constantly played in the background and sometimes goes on for several hours into the morn until Ellen D starts.
Worker: Sorry I can't make it in to work today.
Boss: WTF?
Worker: calypso pasta prep hit last night roundabouts 2:45 A:M.
Boss: Oh gosh I didn't know. Enjoy your day. Let me know if another one hits soon.
by carshowburger July 13, 2010
When a single family residence be it house, townhouse, condo, apartment, motorhome, cave or teepee is left with an unbearable stink following a visit from a not so close friend, relative or acquaintance. The odor leaving person is usually totally unaware of the stench they pack and are often overly friendly and jovial. The stink left behind is usually hiding in furniture and is not a bathroom type stink but more of a combination of all other bodily stinks blended together like a stink frappe. The stink can be removed from leather furniture with Awesome L.A. Cleaner or Lemon Pledge but for fabric covered seats and cushions you are really up a creek.
Byron came over after badminton practice laughing at some of his team mates. He said they were being big babies because the showers had been broken all season so they had not been able to shower after practice for two weeks. Everywhere they go they stink the house down.
by carshowburger July 13, 2010
An under baked chocolate chip cookie served frozen. Usually made with real butter and following the Tollhouse recipe on the back of a bag of Tollhouse Chocolate Chips. Not related to or anyway to be confused with pop singer Lady gaga.
After we smokified that reefer Zamfir got out a bag of lady goo goos that his Mummy made . Dude the were wondiferous!
by carshowburger July 13, 2010

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