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Anything pertaining to ladies. Lady things can range from tea parties to bodily functions. Generally a sore topic amongst men (in fact, you'll probably never hear a man refer to a lady thing as a "lady thing.")
"you hook with louise last night?"
"nah she bored my boner with all this talk about lady things."
"wow, never say 'lady things' again."
by Desmond White December 01, 2009
21 2

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An affectionate or comical term referring to a female friend.
"You're a precious lady-thing," or, "You're my little lady-thing."
by Lauren Clacher March 31, 2006
9 1
Someone who appears to be a man but is in fact a woman. This person is not neccessarily a tranny.
Yo, Jimmy! Look at that whack ladything over there!
by beatlebum7 December 05, 2010
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