when a girl is in the middle of a threesome and one guy is fucking her in the ass and another is at the other end screwing her in the front
They saw i lady sandwich in the porn movie
by Mary April 05, 2005
Top Definition
Female genitalia (see lady ham).
Look, you can see her lady sandwich bulging through her bikini! I'll bet it's good to eat!!
by Yoda August 20, 2004
Noun: The delectable inner sanctum of a lady's privates

Synonyms include: the mossy cleft, fanjita, vag-jay-jay, foof, poonani, clam, sideways smile, eye of sauron, etc

Modifier/verb: (usually be sandwiched between)
squeeze between two other lady sandwiches, typically in a restricted space or so as to be uncomfortable in honour of the mighty nation of Lesbos and the scissor sisterhood
'My dear you have a wonderful lady sandwich, perhaps we could meet in the stationary cupboard and lady sandwich between the A3 printer paper & the staple removers?'
by LyndzRuleOK May 05, 2016
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