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A term used to describe a close friend, (ususally a male.) Can be grouped with terms like brotha,homie, or, when in the right racial context,nigga. "Laddy" can be used as either a pronoun or an adjective depending on the situation at hand.

Popular terms to add are "wee" as in "wee laddy" or saying "aye" beforehand. This term is ok to be used in any conversation with no restrictions racially or morally.

Pronounced: LAH-DEE or LAUGH-DEE depending on what you choose. (Using a fake Scottish accent puts a nice spin on the term!)
"If it tis'int me best laddy!"
"Ah, wee laddy."
"Aye, laddy."
by Waffleman102 May 05, 2013
What ignorant people think the scottish call eachother all the time.
Alrigh laddy, ya bumfluffer
by Gumba Gumba March 10, 2004
Mildly swaggering or macho, in a boyish way or in the context of male bonding
He had a laddy attitude, preferring to get pissed and pick up girls for one-night stands
by Tabrose July 02, 2012
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