1.Hot female girls who will do any thing to get with a lacrosse player.
Those Lacrossetitutes are gonna be all over me after the game

Score the goal, win the game, get the Lacrossetitute.
by 1Paralyzed6 August 27, 2007
A woman who has either dated or slept with multiple lacrosse players.
Wow, I think this is Kaitlin's fourth boyfriend who has played lacrosse, she must be a lacrossetitute.
by M^22 April 17, 2009
1) A school girl who only dates guys because they are well-known for playing on a sports team.

2) A girl that plays on a lacrosse team just to get a chance to date one of the jocks.
Girl 1: "Hey you know that new girl in class 103?"

Girl 2: "Yeah, she's a total lacrosse-titute."
by its-that-guy!_2k9 February 08, 2009

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