Acting wacky and Loony at the same time.
"That boy is so lacky and yesterday!"
by The lakster May 29, 2003
Top Definition
lacky: a person's bitch
Look at my lacky trying to be like me
by thespark September 02, 2004
Someone's personal slave.
"Meet Jives, he's my lacky."
by THGhost January 18, 2009
1. Pl of lacky.
2. A group of people that cant think for themselves, and have a Boss that does the thinking for them. Anyone that lacks the inteligence to figure it out for themselves.
He's a candy ass, its a good thing he's got lackies to do his dirty work.
by allnamesaretaken November 03, 2006
A word that's meant to be spelled with an "e" before the y.
lacky should be spelled "lackey"
by theguyverswill September 09, 2010
signifies the need to get rested because of sexual intense activity
fucko: I'll break ya ass bitch!
shucko: oh no please I need to be lacky
by fucko May 09, 2005
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