To say to someone not exhibiting qualities connotated with a cool persona.
Wow Mara, you've got some LackSwag going on there.
by AMresol August 10, 2011
Top Definition
n.) a person that is lacking in swagger
*NOTE* this lack of swagger could stem from the overall mannerisms and aura of the lackswag OR it could stem from a moment in time which the person has done something particularly embarrassing, gross or unattractive

adj.) a word to describe a moment in time that is characterized by an embarrassing, gross or unattractive action
ex1) (n) -Dude tried to spit game at me but didn't even know what to say...what a lackswag!

ex2) (n) -Did you see that lackswag trip off the stage after his presentation...I nearly died laughing!!!

ex3) (adj) -I had a total lackswag moment when he leaned in for a kiss and I accidently sneezed in his face.
by booswaggs March 20, 2009
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