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a really hot, really sweet girl who girls wanna be and guys wanna get with.
"I wish I could BE Lacie."
by lacieslezlover September 27, 2007
367 102
An all around amazing girl. Faithfull, loving, and amazing. Is a beast in the sheets and on the streets. Runs her hood.
"Lacie is an amazing girl and I love her."
by Killapat December 30, 2009
230 56
From the town Lassy of Normandy. A surname brought to the Britsh Isles including Ireland and Scotland. A girl that can please everyone. A beautiful woman that embodies femininity. Version of Scottish and Irish Lassie. Like Lace, delicate and feminine. A version of Lacey.
She is quite the Lacie.
by Somechick7997 February 02, 2010
96 51
To be untruthful with one's sex in an online enviroment.
Don't cyber her, I think she's a lacie.
by =ajc= March 29, 2003
74 151
A male person in real-life playing a famale character in a game. Typically related to MMORPGS such as Dark Age of Camelot or Everquest.
Aaron isn't really a girl he is a Lacie.
by Preen March 29, 2003
50 135