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a really hot, really sweet girl who girls wanna be and guys wanna get with.
"I wish I could BE Lacie."
by lacieslezlover September 27, 2007
An all around amazing girl. Faithfull, loving, and amazing. Is a beast in the sheets and on the streets. Runs her hood.
"Lacie is an amazing girl and I love her."
by Killapat December 30, 2009
From the town Lassy of Normandy. A surname brought to the Britsh Isles including Ireland and Scotland. A girl that can please everyone. A beautiful woman that embodies femininity. Version of Scottish and Irish Lassie. Like Lace, delicate and feminine. A version of Lacey.
She is quite the Lacie.
by Somechick7997 February 02, 2010
Super hot, super sweet nerdy skilled gamer chick that makes guys lose control of their joysticks.
He was winning the game, but then he got Lacie'd.
by Fastrider0128 November 18, 2014
A term used to describe the local whore in a town or village
Oh, yeah he was getting it on with the Lacie last night ;)
by Ninjasloth2000 March 01, 2016
To be untruthful with one's sex in an online enviroment.
Don't cyber her, I think she's a lacie.
by =ajc= March 29, 2003
A male person in real-life playing a famale character in a game. Typically related to MMORPGS such as Dark Age of Camelot or Everquest.
Aaron isn't really a girl he is a Lacie.
by Preen March 29, 2003
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