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a guy with a giant penis
that guy was a lachy
by lachlan walker September 22, 2006
To be silenced by fear. A person exposes a flaw and you are unable to react.
Told her she was on the wrong page and she looked a little lachy.
by Ariax September 27, 2009
Creator of RSToolkit. Does not posess a body. Secretly having an affair with Zork. Name often used along with a wish.
(Hayden): I'd love to have sex with Lachy.
by Skipppppppyy October 22, 2004
an australian dwarf found in the southern suburbs of perth. a lachy is generally characterised by an extraordinarily small penis, midget and irritating like anticts which some say make him resemble a garden gnome or a dirty farm pig. In some cultures they say that a lachy should be booted out of perth and be evicted into the jungle where he would be eaten by a lion.
With his pixie and dwarfish features lachy has what is called "little man syndrome" where he uses big words and his brain power to generate social acceptance.
in conclusion a lachy is a rat that causes havoc. if you see a lachy, you are advised to call the local pound and have him put-down.
hayden: man, that kid has the samllest penis ever...
josh: yeah his name is lachy.

alex: dude, yesterday i saw this crazily ugly pig that was filthly rolling around in mud
joe: no alex, you mean you saw a lachy. you should call the pound on 1800ihatemidgets and have him put down.

by josh low:) September 04, 2008
Austrailian version of speedis
Man that Lachy is gay
by Annie February 15, 2005
ub3r1337 nubcake that akilled me once... for extreme mIRC exploiting =D
<Annie> no, Chuckeh, i r0x0rz Lachys b0x0rz

by Chuckeh November 21, 2004
an Australian blondie who has a extremely small penis.
"Dude! That guys a Lachy"
by WOwBruh October 27, 2014

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