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your mother is a peach
in spanish is mother facker
juan: me coji a tu vieja
el puto de fausto: andate un poquito a la puta que te pario
by fausto July 29, 2006

Words related to la puta que te pario

puta birth concha fausto madre mother; facker pario parir whore
it means "the whore that gave you birth", but the word 'parir' (gave birth) isn't polite. Usually you say 'have a baby' (tener un bebe) and not ' parir un bebe'. the word is too hard
a person treat you badly and you say: "anda a la puta que te pario". (go to the whore that gave you birth) is quite offensive, specially about women. but womwn uses the expression as well.
by gabpas October 24, 2009