tripping on extacy

something bout those little pills unreal the thrills they yield until they kill a million braincells
i'm going down to la la land

i hope to see you soon in la la land
by generationdub June 16, 2008
Lala Land is the far, far away country in which all the happy winblows users are.
-Look, he's from lala land, don't touch him.
by Phinn Fort July 20, 2006
Enjoying a state of euphoria or nirvana. Also known as TGTN.
Thank God there's Nordstroms.
by Not-gonna-tellya April 22, 2005
a paradise that relives everyone from stress. This often occurs when someone is blazzing ( weed ). They enter a state of happiness and become relaxed. This also occurs when you are day dreaming. =]
tammiee was blazzing last nite, seemed to me like she was in la la land.

tishhaa! snap out of it your not in la la land!
by Anna March 04, 2005
A loved-up munted raver wearing phatties who loves to swill G and red bull at his trance parties. He loves Tiesto and will do anything to get a chance to suck him off one day.
man, what a lalaland, pingin' off his head and gacked to the eyeballs as usual. Someone call an ambo.
by becy July 18, 2004
to be under the influence of a drug or alcohol where as it is uncontrolable
drinking too much or doing drugs too much
by ANDRE December 09, 2003
England or another European country
she went to lala land over spring break
by Sarah March 14, 2005

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