A "dialect" of english that uses symbols/numbers/etc. in place of letters. used by people who think they are "1337 |-|4><0RZ", but are really just morons trying to be cool. They also mis-define the word hack, which _REALLY_ means "to program".

Comes from "Elite Speak"

Bytehway: it really is not cool to use this, just type normally.
Moron: ! 4/\/\ 4 1337 |-|4><0R, |)00|)!
Me: ...moron...
by "Niffshack" February 20, 2005
l33tsp33k is a mostly dead internet language used by geeks and hackers to make themselves feel special. It is now used by geeks, people who wish to annoy others in a chatroom and is often found in various webcomics, such as Megatokyo.
Largo: j00 d34d f00!
Piro: Dear lord, someone please kill him already.
by nineve January 25, 2005
language spoken by counterstrike nerds and hackers who REALLY, REALLY NEED TO GET LAID.
if u can understand this language, i advise u to get alife before u get your hands glued to your comp
by da rekad playa April 05, 2005
a stupid way to waste time for ppl who cant find ne thing better to do than peck around their key board translating understandable language into symbolic gibberish.
l33tsp33k 1$ R34!!Y 57\_/P1|)
by goats rule March 01, 2004
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