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to life
like at a bar/bat mitzvah u wuld have a toast and say "L'chaim!"
by blah BLAH blah June 07, 2003
a jewish salutation meaning "to life!" Generally used during toasts.
"Mazel tav, it's a celebration bitches, l'chaim!
I wish for you a hundred years of success but it's my time
Cheers, toast to crime
Number one b-boy, chain nigga rhyme"

Jay Z, American Gangster "Roc Boys" 2007
by fresca November 16, 2007
1. A Yiddish expression meaning "to life!", used mainly during toasts, so much so that at a Jewish celebration one does not propose a toast, one proposes a l'chaim.
2. Used instead of "let's have a round of schnapps" among Chasidic men.
"I propose a l'chaim to Yussel on his new baby!" said Rabbi Eliyahu McClain. The rest of the congregation followed suit raiseing their glasses and shouting "L'Chaim!"
by Crazy Mixed-Up Yid May 17, 2010
a Jewish expression which means "to life", used only when making a toast.
Jay-Z "Roc Boys"
-L'Chaim! I wish for you a hundred years of success but it's my time. Cheers, toast to crime. number one d-boy, a shame he could rhyme.
by Raven Imani June 12, 2008
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