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A big fat bitch, said to be the biggest bitch in the whole wide world. She is also a stupid bitch (if there ever was a bitch) and is normally a bitch to all the boys and girls. She is a bitch on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday, but to be different, on Sunday, she's a super king kamaya maya beeeyotch. Kyle's mom is mean and has stupid hair, and can be classified as dirty. Other kids around the world have been asked, and it's agreeable that she is a big fat bitch. In summary, she is a big fat fucking bitch.
Kyle's mom is such a big 'ol bitch!
by vgboy2002 May 16, 2004
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A term for all the overly involved busybodies unsatisfied with ruining their own kid's life want to take away the fun of being a kid from everyone.
That lady who wants to ban all birthday parties because her precious snowflake has a "gluten allergy" is such a Kyle's mom
by mcdubh October 16, 2014
The bitchyest person alive, if you know Jean than call her a stupid ass bitch
dude shes totaly kyles mom.
by justalovemachin December 17, 2007
a hot, sexual mommy. she loves intercourse and enjoys younger men.
Kyle's mom is defiently a courgar.
by robinishot1232 June 20, 2010
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