Overly friendly, like an untrained labradoodle. Like the labradoodle, he has incontinency issues. Enjoys the company of older men and cats. Short and skinny... and has funny hair... again... like the labradoodle.
oh look, it's kye, singing s-club 7 to himself
by Father Mark Darryl Perry January 08, 2012
Top Definition
really cool lanky dude. yeah, thats right.
"hey man, do you know that kye dude."
"yeah. he's like the coolest dude in the world."
by kye November 19, 2003
A really good looking guy who is super slick with the ladies and great in bed.
"Omg did you see that guy? He's a total Kye!"
by kiittycat September 11, 2012
A magnifiecent man whom my name is will dominate the world and call it the Kyekanian Empire.HAAHAAAHAAAHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAAHHAHHAAAHAHAHAAHAA
Kye is the most magnificent 10 year old man in the world and I shall bow down to him.GOD SAVE KYE!!!!!!!!
by Kye October 08, 2003
the badass chick who has two piercings on each ear, tall (5'5 and a half), dark eyes, dark hair and have a very good sense of humor, she has a half man half woman brain and no she's not lesbian, she's simply awesome
Kye is the awesome and rad badass chick
by pizzakye October 29, 2014
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