Pronounced "kwah", kwe is a word used to define a close-friend you deeply respect. Derived from Talib Kweli, famous backpack rapper, only true vatos use it.
Me: "Hey Vince, whassup kwe?"
Vince: "Hey mang!"
by RENEGATUS DOT COM August 22, 2005
Top Definition
Hello in Mi'kmaq (Native American language)
Pronounced with a G sound Gwey, "Kwe"
by Shasta Galina October 28, 2009
Hello in Mi'kmaq, Native American language.
by Anya Galina October 28, 2009
Short for "k what ever". Where k is short for ok.
Average Skilled Guy: I just pwnd 20 noobs in a row. ^_^
Expert: kwe
by random23432 October 09, 2010
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