A boy's name meaning born on Sunday with Ghanaian Akan origin.

Kwasi has different variant forms in West Africa: Kwasi, Kosi, Kwashi, Kwassi and Kwesi, Kweisi.
Ghana's International Airport in Accra is named after Lt. Gen Emmanuel Kwasi Kotoka

Kweisi Mfume was former President?CEO of the NAACP as well as a 5 term Democratic Congressman from Baltimore, MD
by bstars February 04, 2010
Top Definition
An extremely handsome, confident, intelligent, and all around well rounded man of West African descent. Even from infancy through childhood and adolescence it's clear that Kwasi's will be great and successful. Kwasi's are often undercover ladies men, the ladies can't resist their charm. They are amazing lovers and possess ravenous sexual appetites. Kwasi's are also very fluid as they can pick up on nearly anything (sports, activities, trades, the list goes on) and learn to excel at it. Kwasi's also are very athletic, fast, and have a lot of bounce (an ability to jump extremely high) If one should be born a Kwasi, he is blessed and if one should meet a Kwasi, know you have met greatness.
Guy 1: ayyy there goes my boy kwasi

Guy 2: i respect whom, he's the definition of greatness

Guy 1: OMG your a dick rider....but it's true

Both: Hey Kwasi, come ball wit us!!!

Girl 1: wow just look at Kwasi

Girl 2: yeah he's pretty great. I heard he's going to be a doctor or a baller

Girl 1: I heard he can be anything he tries to be

Girl 2: yeah i need to marry him
by Truth is Proof August 07, 2011
Short for Kwasi Modo, a nickname for a hunchbacked person.
It's noon, time for Kwasi to go and ring the bells.
by George's worst enemy November 03, 2005
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