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a karate-chopping, motorcycle riding, Korean superhero. Only likes smart women.
just was saved by the kwang-i-nator.
by sister k-mart February 01, 2010
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A term used to describe an action of "going with the flow," engaging in spontaneity, feeling celebratory, or in the mood for jubilation. Term also used to describe the feeling of pride, confidence, and "owning" the quality of being a spontaneous, overly cool, and excessively radical person. Used only by those in the select group who are able to understand its' full meaning. It's not just a term though, it's a way of life.
Someone: Hey Em, what are you going to do tonight?
Emily: Oh you know, the usual, just K-wang with it!

Someone: Kris, how can I be as cool as you?
Kristen: Just K-Wang with it!

Someone: Wow, what were you just doing? That was awesome.?
Emily: Oh that? That was just K-Wanging it!
by Kristen Wilson December 21, 2007
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Pakistani: My name's Rajinder.
Asian: Yes, hello. My name is Alvin.
Pakistani: Yeah, whatever KWANG!

by Sceptre of T January 18, 2006
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