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a black guy who is a profesional at all sports the first time that he plays them; a guy who gets the bitches and denys them for the girl he is with; one of a kind black guy that gets a girl pregnant and sticks with her; a real nigga
Man, i was watching the discovery channel and they discovered that every guy was made in the image of kutrell!!
by listen69 October 14, 2010
a black man that is capable of achieving a master level of any sport from football to skydiving; a black man that can get any girl but sticks with one and gets her pregnant; a real nigga among niggas; best homie you can have; the model of all male beings on earth
Guy 1 "Man, i heard in the discovery channel that all human males were modeled after kutrell."

Guy 2 "I believe it."
by thelisten69 October 14, 2010
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