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1. "Fuck You" in japanese.
"Kutabare o Baka ze!"

"Fuck you! idiot!"
#fuck you #kutabare #idiot #baka #japanese
by Jonouchiboy March 31, 2007
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Temei! Shiniyagare! Kutabariyagarei, kono amattareta kuso gaki ga! Iikagen ni koroshitaru!

Translation: Hey you Bastard! Die! I'm gonna fucking kill you, damn you to hell, you little crappy bastard kid! Fucking die already!
by daiben/KETAMINE/weeeembo April 02, 2004
Japanese word meaning
fuck you!, shove it!, go to hell!, or... drop dead!
some idiot comes up to u and says "U MADA FUGGA!!!!!!"
you say "KUTABARE!!!!!!!!!!!!" and walk off safe in the knowledge that they will never find out what you said to them and it will haunt them for the rest of their life
#fuck you #drop dead #shove it #japanese #insults
by montecat April 28, 2008
Japanese for 'fuck you'. Very useful for insulting idiots and getting away with it.
#kutabare #fuck #japanese #insults #mean #you
by FlowerTots August 15, 2011
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