Kushboo is a universal word that can be used to describe just about anything. It can also replace just about any word in a sentence. Or it can be its own sentence
Don't be such a Kushboo.
What the Kushboo's going on here?
Kushboo your silly.
I ought to slap you right up side the kushboo.
kush to the boo.
by Bee J Good May 01, 2008
Top Definition
a middle-eastern vagina
That persian bitch was so hot I would stick it in her kushboo.
by c February 27, 2005
a weird ass bitch that no one likes. she is a person who hates her indian religon and wishes she was white.
Quit being such a kushboo!
by Tyler Hansbrough April 05, 2008
mother fucking lesbian that hates her own race aka mary
kushboo may rather be chineese than japenesse
by lexmark April 02, 2008
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