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Someone whose head explodes due to a shotgun blast fired from the hands of Courtney Love(See deranged.).
Man, I saw Courtney Love in a crackhouse and feared she'd turn me into a Kurt Cobain.
by Emitremmus April 18, 2005
The greatest music writer ever who hated fame and the rock style life but without him we would be listening to some crap music, people buy nirvanas CD's listen and they will connect with you somehow, On April 5 94 he was MURDERED, the stupid cops close the investigation after three days so we couldnt acctually find out but next april 5 there is please pay ur respects
If people say theres only one wise man he was it.
Smells like teen spirit is the single handily the greatest song in the world listen to it urself and buy the box set i did
by cam March 29, 2005
Kurt Cobain: Everything about his past and his lifeh as already been defined- all that remains to say is that he was the greatest singer in my opinion. So many incredible songs, so many fans and yet- so many haters.R.I.P Kurt Cobain- Boddah loves you forever.
Kurt Cobain may not have been a God of Music- but he was the closest thing on this Earth.
by Radclyffe July 30, 2004
1. A talented Rock Artist, R.I.P. (1967-1994)

2. A song made by very talented D12 rapper proof, R.I.P. (1973-2006)
1. Its a shame Kurt Cobain died, he was a good rock musician.

2. Its a shame Proof died, he was one of the best rappers ever, with songs like "Kurt Kobain".
by A hip hop head September 06, 2009
The great frontman for a great band, Nirvana. Was made a legend, whether he liked it or not. Excellent songwriter, nice guy, ok singer, ok guitarist. He in the end was driven to suicide by the strains on his shy, reserved personality that the rock-god life had.
Seriously, stop worshipping the man. He just wanted people to leave him to live a happy life, to not be stalked by fans and paparazzi 24/7. He wasn't "perfect." He had severe drug problems, which probably contributed to his suicide. There was his dumb feud with Axl Rose. And he wasn't a "prophet." He didn't view himself as one.
RIP Kurt Cobain. You will be missed.
by king of canada September 20, 2006
The ultimate icon. A tormented soul and loving father who never wanted to be famous. He was Nirvana's frontman and had a beautifully haunting voice. Just check out 'Heart Shaped Box' and 'All Apologies' if you don't believe me.

He was a lovely looking man too. He didn't deserve Courtney Love as she's just a skanky ho. Oh well, at least he got a kid out of her. Thank god Frances Bean looks more like her dad than her mum!

He took his own life on April 5th, 1994. R.I.P Kurt. We miss you very much.
Some people reckon Kurt Cobain was murdered but that's rubbish. The only reason people say that is because they don't want to believe that their 'hero' put a gun against his head and pulled the trigger. He killed himself. Get over it.

I hate the way people talk about Kurt as if he's still alive. He's dead and he's not coming back. Deal with it.
by S..A..R..A the drummer girl July 18, 2006
Kurt Donald Cobain, was the singer for one of the biggest bands in the world of its time. Kurt Cobain was Lead Guitar in "Niravan". Kurt cobain played music for the love of playing music. He dident dress, act, or do anything that would make it seem like he played music for Money or Fame. Kurt Dident let his fame go to his head. He wore what he wore and said what he said. People who call kurts msuic "Grunge" is not cool. Kurt hated the term "Grunge" to be applied to his music. "I hate that term, Grunge, Its just making us no better then say, Guns N' Roses. I made my music to be different, even though my insperations were punk related.The Melvens. Made we want to play music. I want my music to be punk rock thats not all about how much i could drink at a party" Kurt Said in an interview. So Kurt Cobaine, was a good man. so what if he did drugs. If you think that hes bad because he did drugs, Get all your fucking CDS and RECORDS and Burn the fuckers! because if you think that all those musicians who have changed your lives are all clean. your fuckign rong!
Kurt Donald Cobain. Lead guitar of Nirvana. Father of a baby girl names "Frances Bean Cobain", married to that bitch Courtney Love.
by Scott The Robot July 04, 2005