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The lead singer of nirvana, He was found dead in 1994 some say it was a suicide even though it looks like a murder. He is also declared the richest dead man With a newt worth of 50 million elvis presiley is second.
Hey kurt cobain is awsome
by g000gle bob October 25, 2006
8 15
The Granddaddy of Grunge! he is "the man who sold the world" nirvana cd's such as In Utero,Bleach,Incesticide and of course NEVERMIND!
hey! Kurt Cobain is so cool, he's hot!
by Roemart July 31, 2005
17 24
talented and gifted singer and songwriter, lousy guitar player but ok for the genre he was in, but his message made up for his musical skills, said to have inspired a generation but thats a matter of opinion. Shot up 3x the deadly amount of herion for an average person and blew his brains out with a 12 gauge
kurt cobain was a gunge legend
by tmcheat May 05, 2005
23 30
Overrated musician who was married to that weirdo bitch Courtney Love.
If you were married to Courtney Love, you commit suicide too.
by Yo Momma January 12, 2005
42 49
Often rather entertainingly refered to as Kurdt Kobain (as this typically of Kurt, is what he said his name was on nirvanas debut album Bleach) especially in old Melody Makers and NME's

HOWEVER GETTING TO THE POINT. Kurt was not a genius and not even a particularly good guitarist however he was good at making simple and good music that inspired a generation.

Kurt really didnt give a fuck and he hated the fame game. Really an idol.

But honestly...do we give a fuck about how he died? all i care about is the music (yes he wrote a few good songs) and his fuck it attitude. No i dont idolise him
the dead guy (we cant say he was murdered, we cant say it was suicide) with the jeans and the lefty guitar. Often seen in womens clothing and sticking up for women, unlike so many men we see in music/hollywood or even society.
by men dont protect you anymore October 19, 2004
28 35
A great musician, often criticized by poor cocksuckers that don't know just how ignorant and unintelligent they are, and probably never will.
Kurt Cobain was a talented creature.
by Jo June 25, 2003
25 33
Genius inventor of 'Dude Rock', a genre of heavy metal characterised by 'sensitive', quiet verses followed by a loud angry 'da da dah!!' chorus with vocals that sound like they're being sung by a pregnant hippo chewing marbles. Since made even more popular by great bands such as Nickelback.
If it wasn't for Kurt Cobain there'd be no Nickelback.
by webby2010 October 18, 2010
6 15