See dead

And he sung or something.
Person A: Do you know Nirvana Disbanded?

Person B: No I am completely uncultured, I Don't know who Kurt Cobain is, and when i get bored and high, I edit Urban Dictionary.
by Spaceboy_12 October 08, 2007
Often rather entertainingly refered to as Kurdt Kobain (as this typically of Kurt, is what he said his name was on nirvanas debut album Bleach) especially in old Melody Makers and NME's

HOWEVER GETTING TO THE POINT. Kurt was not a genius and not even a particularly good guitarist however he was good at making simple and good music that inspired a generation.

Kurt really didnt give a fuck and he hated the fame game. Really an idol.

But we give a fuck about how he died? all i care about is the music (yes he wrote a few good songs) and his fuck it attitude. No i dont idolise him
the dead guy (we cant say he was murdered, we cant say it was suicide) with the jeans and the lefty guitar. Often seen in womens clothing and sticking up for women, unlike so many men we see in music/hollywood or even society.
by men dont protect you anymore October 19, 2004
...Kurt Cobain - you are an Angel. The Nirvana legacy will live in the hearts of fans forever.

Smells Like Teen Spirit is a fucken fantastic song, don't get me wrong, but all Nirvana songs are so very beautiful - so take the chance to know more than this one song before calling yourself a harcore fan.
by BLEACH February 20, 2004
Kurt Cobain-one of the greatest rock singers known 2 man kind! Will always be remembered by everyone! very talented person
We need another lead singer who is as good as Kurt Cobain
by kert - Co- Bay-n April 27, 2003
The Granddaddy of Grunge! he is "the man who sold the world" nirvana cd's such as In Utero,Bleach,Incesticide and of course NEVERMIND!
hey! Kurt Cobain is so cool, he's hot!
by Roemart July 31, 2005
Overrated musician who was married to that weirdo bitch Courtney Love.
If you were married to Courtney Love, you commit suicide too.
by Yo Momma January 12, 2005
To come from some hicktown in western Washington, write a bunch of depressing music with a giant bassist and Justin Long for a drummer, wear flannel, totally fuck up your life with Heroin, have a baby and give it a really fucked up name, marry a crack whore, die from a shotgun blast to the face and cause many of your fans to do the same, and inspire a bunch of whiny emo kids and have your face plastered all over t-shirts in Hot Topic
Kurt Cobain
by Four Way Crash May 03, 2009
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