The act of ejaculating into your own mouth. In this scenario, the penis is used much like a shotgun; the ejaculation is a representation of the shotgun firing into your mouth.
Did you hear? Larry ejaculated into his own eye while trying to Kurt Cobain.
by Dr. Knowsnothing PhD January 30, 2011
Verb: To end one's life, in reference to Kurt Cobain, the lead singer of Nirvana who killed himself in 1994.
Joe is so sad, I'm afraid he's going to go all Kurt Cobain.
by Sweettartme April 15, 2009
Kurt was a genious with melodies and a great songwriter. All the other "great" guitarists just progressed from the blues. Kurt changed music forever, he created something new and didnt just compete with what was already created.
I bought a gun and chose drugs instead. Kurt Cobain
by Eddie C August 31, 2007
The last revolutionary musician.
Kurt Cobain is the greatest. Plain and simple!
by Enigma X November 23, 2006
a wonderful and confuzed man who was pretty damned good at writing songs. however, he was not John Lennon, not bob Marley, not Jimmy Paige, not Neil Young, not Jim Morrison, and certainly not Bob Dylan. despite being the main focus of his band, he was far from the best musician in it. in my opinion, Krist was the driving force behind Nirvana. if it weren't for Krist's hooky basslines, no one would have ever heard of nirvana. Dave Grohl is also a far better musician than kurt. he is a multi-instrumentalist who can also sing. maybe if he had a bass player like Krist, the foos would actually go somewhere.
Just like so many who came before him, Kurt is a misunderstood genius. nothing more. not god, not the reincarnation of jesus. and all the camwhores who believe this caused him more pain than anyone should be allowed to suffer on this plane of existence. Kurt Never wanted to be a rockstar, you made him one. thanks alot you camwhores
in the unlikely event that kurt cobain actually killed himself, you camwhores put the gun in his mouth. fuck you
by 12345432112345 August 29, 2006
The lead singer of the popular 90's band Nirvana, committed suicide.
RIP Kurt Cobain 1967-1994
by P Redeckis May 08, 2006
the best god damm man who ever lived will be remembered forever as the worlds greatest rockstar and one helluva father god bless you kurt we love you
the guy from nirvana
by liam evans May 10, 2005

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