Just pointing out some things about Kurt's death that haven't really been brought up (at least not as much).

I'm not gonna write down the many, many facts and details contributing to the murder theory. Just gonna name some things that have come to mind.

1. Kurt's sense of humor: Kurt had a very dark sense of humor. This is evident in songs like "I Hate Myself and Want To Die." While Kurt brought up suicide a good deal, he wasn't actually a suicidal guy who hated life. He mentioned in the "About A Son" interviews that he often looked depressed and angry when in fact he was in a good mood. This is just his natural expression. He liked to have fun, and if you watch videotapes of him with the band, you can see he's obviously a very humorous, light-hearted person, not the depressed, morose person he is often made out to be.

2. Kurt's relationship with Courtney: Kurt was very much in love with Courtney and defended her early on in the relationship. But as time went on, things began to change. Kurt, who was Bipolar, began to form a tumultuous love/hate relationship with her. He was on the verge of divorcing her, prior to his suicide (which would have lost Courtney a lot of his money).

3. Kurt's songwriting: I believe that two of his songs have messages singling out or referring to his broken relationship with Courtney. First, in "All Apologies" he mentions the lines "married/buried" in the chorus. All Apologies itself could be a song denoting his perceived failure in their relationship, perhaps his way of saying he feels its not working out. Kurt didn't like to express his thoughts and emotions upfront, and they often seeped into his songwriting and performances. Secondly, refer to the lyrics in "You Know You're Right," the last song Kurt wrote, prior to his death. The lyrics include "never speak a word again/I will crawl away for good"; this could reference his plan to divorce her. "No thought was put into this/I always knew it would come to this" could reference his increasing wish to leave the marriage.

More lines from the song:

- "I'm so warm and calm inside/ I no longer have to hide" Perhaps he felt happy of his plans to retire from music, and he'd no longer have to hide the fact that he hated performing (mentioned in the "suicide" note)

- "Nothing really bothers her/ she just wants to love herself" Again referencing the chaos of their relationship

- "I will move away from here/ you won't ever have to fear" Again, expresses his desire to leave Courtney and the music business.

"You know you're right" Perhaps Kurt is talking to himself with these lines, reassuring himself that his plans are the right ones. Or, possibly, a sarcastic attack at Courtney.

It seems a little suspicious that Courtney so vehemently wanted this song to NOT be released after Kurt's death. She performed a live version of the song, changing some of the lyrics as well. It seems Courtney had something to hide about this song....

4. Drug use: Many people have blamed Kurt's death on his drug use. However, despite his use, he was known for being anti-drugs. He stated this in the "About A Son" interviews. Kurt smoked marijuana recreationally, but only used heroin as a means of alleviating the pain of his stomach condition, caused by scoliosis.

5. Courtney's relationship with Billy Corgan: Before dating Kurt, Courtney had a relationship with Smashing Pumpkin's frontman Billy Corgan. While the details of speculation that Courtney cheated on Kurt with Billy when she dated him isn't fully known, this could possibly have caused a riff in the Kurt/Courtney relationship (also, it is possible that Billy was a factor in Courtney's possible desire to kill Kurt). Courtney and Billy have recently been seen together.

These are just a few lesser known opinions (strictly opinions and theories - the truth is yet fully known) of mine. I hope they've offered insight.
Kurt Cobain was murdered - visit Justiceforkurt.com to make an informed decision.
by bnastyflintmi March 10, 2009
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Top Definition
the singer of Nirvana
kurt cobain was the one who changed music forever and sang music from the heart and he will always be remember forever R.I.P kurt
by Rachel January 25, 2004
The lead singer of Nirvana, a truely wonderful man who influenced a generation. Sung such great songs as "Smells Like Teen Spirit", "Im Bloom", "Heart-Shaped Box" and "Lithium". The man who inspired me to pick up a guitar and to try and write songs of my own, and form a small band with some friends. He died before his time, wether is was by suicide or if someone killed him, the sad fact remians that he is no longer with us. He was one of the musical giants of our time, and is greatly missed.
Girl 1: Hey, Smells Like Teen Spirit is on the radio!!
Girl 2: Crank it up, I wanna hear Kurt sing. =D
by Rhyinna Keller December 29, 2004
Seemed cool, never knew him personally so I will just say "seemed". Wrote and sang good music. I like his band's songs.
I hate when people think/say he was/is God or Jesus. He was a human and would most likely want to be remembered as a regular person. Let us all at least respect that.
by Jacky December 29, 2004
The last most important musician of the generation. Frontman of the rock band Nirvana. His songs touched souls, and still do today. He will always be remembered.
R.I.P. Kurt....u changed music forever.
by nirvanafanforever January 30, 2005
The man...the myth...the legend. Tormented soul, turning his own angst into beautiful melodies. Blindsided by "love" literally.
"never met a wise man. if so it's a woman"
by Mikey B. November 22, 2003
Kurt Cobain was born on February 20 1967, in Hoquaim, a small town southwest of Seattle. His family moved to Aberdeen, and his parents would get divorced. He had a dysfunctional childhood - or, indeed, life - from there on out. He left Aberdeen for Olympia, where he formed the band Nirvana. The sudden success and critical acclaim of the band that would eventually come floored him. In Feburary 1992 he'd marry Courtney Love, who was already pregnant with his child, Francis Bean Cobain. On April 5th Kurt Cobain died, apparently by his own hand. The death was offically ruled by a suicide, although fans and conspiracy theorists alike speculate upon the subject to this day. He left behind a musical legacy with Nirvana that has yet to be rivaled.
"I'm doing an analysis of Kurt Cobain's lyrics from Nirvana for class."
by G. March 23, 2005
Kurt Cobain, along with Nirvana, changed the music industry drastically in that they ended the Metal era of the 1980's and influenced the modern bands we hear today.

Most people would like to talk about his death, if he was killed, if he committed suicide, etc, and this very fact alone might have made him a legend to many people. But to me, he's a legend because he made great influential music. Music that rock wouldn't survive without. Nirvana is the core and heart of the rock body. Embrace him, not his death.
Kurt Cobain was the singer of Nirvana.
by foam December 24, 2004

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