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The lead singer of the Seattle based band Nirvana. Born on Feb. 20th and died on April 5 1994 at the age of 27 for reasons that defies everything the Seattle Police Department ever had to say. Many believes Courtney Love kill him and i don't disagree, in fact even Courtney's own dad accuses her of murder so now you tell me how the fuck did he die?
"O well, whatever nevermind"
~Kurt Cobain

From his song Smells like Teen Spirit
by Ellieramone@hotmail.com May 15, 2005
The lead singer of Nirvana and lead guitarist, he was the Grunge King and had the some of the most meaningful songs
Grunge died when Kurt did
by Carter Smith March 26, 2005
A brilliant, talented, wonderful song writer & an amazing guitar player. His music will never be forgotten, and Nirvana is still popular, 9 years after his death.
Kurt Cobain is a rock-god.
by numchuck bitch July 28, 2003
A famous rocker from the late 80's and early 90's. He was the guitarist and lead singer of Nirvana, along with Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic. He was also married to Courtney Love, who had a daughter named Frances Bean. In 1994, Kurt was found dead in his greenhouse over his garage, and his death still remains a mystery.
"Dude, my favorite band member in Nirvana Is Kurt Cobain!"
by Chris May 16, 2004
Kurt Cobain was the lead singer of the popular grunge band Nirvana. He died in 1994, and his reason for death is quite controversial. He's highly respected, mostly by teenage girls who swoon after his looks. He's often referred to as "god" but obviously his "fans" don't know that if he heard them say that he'd probably shit his pants. He didn't want to be the "spokesperson" for the generation, and he didn't even think Nirvana would become so big and widely known.
by Julia March 07, 2005
Frontman of Nirvana. Kurt Cobain wasn't the greatest guitar player but what made him good in my opinion was the lyrics he wrote. How cryptic they were, how he used metaphors, etc. I like Kurt Cobain, his music, and Nirvana but his fans annoy me and i'm talking about the addictive fans. If you guys loved and cared for Kurt so much you would stop calling him God. In an interview, he said he just rather be just remembered as a great singer/song writer. And put all the theories to bed about his death. Kurt never wanted attention for anything in his personal life so imagine what he must feel how his "fans" keep obssesing about who killed him and who he was then rather the music he put out. And Kurt wasn't the inovator of Grunge you idiots one of his favorite bands, The Melvins, were along with Mother Love Bone and Soundgarden.
Rest in Peace Kurt Cobain 1967 - 1994.
by Junk Fuck September 08, 2006
kurt cobain was actually the greatest singer/song writer there ever was. really hot, really inspiring. wish he was still alive. its very sad that he died so young.

I love you kurt cobain
. Everyone does.
by ilovekurt August 31, 2005